The Rebecca Samay Rosenthal ’07 Memorial Fellowship Fund

imagethe girl on the left is becca darling aka becca rosenthal. 
she was, and will forever be my best friend and kindred soul. 
she passed away last october.

as some of you know, i wrote and recorded a song “Wild Hearts” in her honour [which can be found here: ]

Now her friends and family are putting together a fellowship fund at her alma mater, Smith College. 

But, before I go into what the whole thing is about, here’s some info on Becca, herself. The amazing, beautiful, wild hearted spirit, that I loved dearly, and forever will. As will all her friends and family. Who have become an enormous family during this rough time.

Here’s my personal blog, written after her passing, and my personal experiences with the beautiful girl we all love.

Now here’s a bio on B, straight from the mouths of friends, Smithies, and family:

Here’s some info on what fund is all about,

To honor Becca’s memory, and to redirect extreme grief into something positive and productive, we are spearheading a Smith College memorial fund in Becca’s name. It is for the benefit of students working in the Archives or the Rare Book Room, where Becca spent so much of her time being the hipster librarian we all knew she would one day actually become (and get paid to do).

Recently, Smith College announced a concentration in Book Studies. This proposed fund, named the Rebecca Samay Rosenthal ’07 Memorial Fellowship Fund, enables Smithies interested in rare books, archives, and library science to travel to conferences and further their studies. Every recipient of the fellowship also receives a mixtape (CD), as Becca loved music and had a well-known music blog, The Beecharmer.

This restricted endowed fund is established in memory of Rebecca Samay Rosenthal, class of 2007.

Annual income from this fund shall be used to provide internships for students enrolled in library special collections concentrations (including but not exclusive to the Archives and Book Studies concentrations) and/or to provide general internship and research funds for student work in special collections. 

If $150,000 (minimum for an endowed fund) in gifts has not been received into this fund by June 30, 2016, the fund will become fully expendable; gifts, market appreciation, and income to be used in the same manner as the income restriction noted above.

I urge you all to please donate! Every little bit helps! 
If you cannot donate, at least spread the word. These wonderful people can use all the help they can get, and it’s a well deserved caused, for someone who was love and touched by so many of us. Please. 

Donations can be made here:

her heart was enormous. her spirit was full of fire. 
here’s to the wild hearted*

becca’s favorite place to go when she would visit me.
she would read to me, and we would watch the sun rise. 

her trinket.